Totally new method with no competitors in cost and efficiency. 

Zero emmission. 

Electricity is generated in such standard units with a capacity of 2.5 kW. Many units can be combined together. 

Dimensions  of one unit is 80 X 60 X 50 cm.

Weight - about 8 kg.


The cost of generation is lower than all green methods known today, including solar and wind generation. 


There is no moving part in such a module.

No need for any external fuel.

Uses our special modules, which have to be replaced once a year. 

Zero emission.

Zero pollution. 

The warranty period is 5 years.

The service life is 15 years.


The real advantage of such units is that they can be used locally to solve any problems of electricity supply. 

They can be installed in the middle of the desert, on remote islands, high in the mountains. Any place. No additional infrastructure is needed for such modules to generate electric power. 

Special case is powering of electric motors in electric buses and passenger cars. This eliminates long-term battery charging. Electric buses and cars are becoming fully autonomous and can travel very long distances.


All parts have CE European certificates. 


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We work ONLY with big end users and big energy supplying companies.  Please introduce yourself while contacting us. 


Block structure

A block structure is used to build high-power systems.

Each of the blocks can be replaced without stopping the work of the other blocks. This makes the whole system extremly reliable.

Each block is controlled independently. We have built in the capability for such monitoring. Any problem in any block is immediately visible to the operator. The problem can be transmitted to the operator wirelessly using existing mobile networks or any wireless technology.